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Oct 1, 2007, 9:25 AM

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How do I register?
Click the Click here to login link at the top of the forum. You will be brought to a login menu. Click the Register New User link. You will be prompted to enter a username, a password and an email address. Your username will be the name that appears beside your posts and private messages. Complete your registration by creating your Profile by clicking the “Edit Profile” link to add information about yourself to your Forum User Profile.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small files that will be saved to your computer’s hard drive that automatically log you in to the forum each time you visit.

What happens if I forget my password?
Click on the Login link at the top of any page. From the login screen click the “Forgot your password” link in the Login menu and enter your username in the form provided and your password will be emailed to you.

What is my User Profile? How do I modify it?
Your Forum User Profile is a customizable record containing personal information as well as various forum settings related to signatures,private messages, cookies, etc. Some of this information (such as Location, Occupation, ICQ number, etc.) will be displayed when someone clicks on your username in the forum. To edit your Forum User Profile,click on the “Edit Profile” button at the top of the forum, then click the “User Profile” button. Click the “Make Profile Changes” button after you have modified your profile.

What are collapsed/expanded views?
Whileviewing forums in a collapsed view, only the details of the first postin a thread will be displayed. The expanded view displays the details of all posts within a thread. Collapsed/expanded views can be toggled with the “Collapsed View/Expand All Threads” button at the top of the list of threads. Individual threads can be expanded and collapsed using the buttons to the left of each thread’s title. See the Legend at the bottom of the thread list for details about these buttons. You can set your default preference in your Display Profile.

What is markup? How do I use it in my posts?
Markup allows you to modify the text of your messages: icons, colours and other text effects can be added to your messages using markup code.Click the “Get Markup Help” link in the Post menu to see a complete list of available markup code.

How do I attach files to posts?
If you want to attach a file to your post and attachments are permitted,click the “Browse” button in the “Attachment” section of the Post menu.Browse for the desired file and click “Open”. Next, click the “Upload attachment” button. Attached files appear below posts while viewing a thread. Note that the administrator may have set a limit on the size and number of files being attached to posts.

How do I edit/delete my posts?
While viewing your post, click the “Edit” or “Delete” links in the top right corner of the post. Posts that have been edited will have a message indicating the time of the edit and the user who performed it.

What is my signature? How do I use/modify it?
A signature is a small amount of text that can be automatically included at the end of all of your posts. It can be your name, your emailaddress, a link, a slogan, a quote, etc.

You can define and modify your signature in your User Profile. Note that if you modify your signature, posts you made before modifying your signature will be updated to contain the new signature.

Each time you make a post, you have the option of including your signature by checking or unchecking the “Append signature to post” box.

What is email notification?
Whenyou make a post, you have the option of being notified by email as soonas a user replies to your post. You can turn this option on and off inindividual posts with the “email notification” checkbox and choosewhether or not to have the option enabled by default in your UserProfile. Make sure you have entered an email address in your UserProfile where your notifications can be sent to!

What are Subscriptions?
Youcan subscribe to receive an email notification with a summary of thelast 10 posts made in the last day. To subscribe and unsubscribe toreceive forum email notifications click on "Edit Profile" and followthe link to "Subscriptions".

What are private messages or PMs?
PMsare private messages. Not unlike email you can send messages to otherregistered forum users by simply using their usernames.

How do I send messages to other users?
There are two ways of sending messages:

Whileviewing the “Messages” menu, click the “Send Private Message” button.You will be brought to a message composition menu similar to the Postmenu. Enter the username of the person you wish to send the message toin the “Recipient” field and compose a message the way you would apost.

Messages can also be sent by clicking on the usernameof the desired recipient and then clicking the “Send Private Message”button.

Note that some users may have disabled privatemessages in their User Profile. You will not be able to send messagesto any such user.

How do I view/manage my messages?
Whileviewing the “Messages” menu, you will see two menus while viewing yourmessages: one containing all messages that have been sent to you,another containing all messages that you have sent. You can viewmessages from either of these menus by clicking on the subject of themessage you want, or delete them by checking the boxes beside them andclicking the “Delete” button. While viewing a message, you can deleteit, or send a reply to the user who sent the message to you.

How do I know when I have a message?
Ifyou have an unread message a red link with the number of "New" messageswaiting for you will appear in the forum navigation bar next to themessages link. You have the option of being notified by email as soonas someone sends you a message. You can turn this option on and off inyour User Profile.

How do I display an icon on my profile and next to my posts?
Youcan add an icon or avatar to be displayed with all your posts. To addan icon go to "Edit Profile" and click on "User Profile" You can uploadan icon and select it to be displayed. Icons can be JPG files only witha maximum file size of 10 KB and maximum dimensions of 65 wide by 75pixels high. Just like your signature this changes on all your posts -including past ones - every time you change it.

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